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Account & Channel Management

Increase your sales efficiency


Our account and channel management solutions support you in increasing your sales efficiency in existing markets as well as successfully entering and expanding your distribution in new markets.

We take into account the omnichannel behaviour of shoppers, meaning that in addition to the classic “bricks & mortar” channel, we also take the e-commerce channel into account.

We develop, measure and optimise for our industry and retail customers, for example, in the following areas:

Yagora Account and Channel Management Online Studie

Online shopper behaviour

Yagora Account and Channel Management Markteintritt

Market entry strategies

Yagora Account and Channel Management Sales Effectivness

Sales Effectiveness

Yagora Account and channel Management Ueberzeugende Listungsargumente

Listing arguments


Typical questions from customers that we answer:

Yagora Account and Channel Management Produktportfolio Icons

Product portfolio

What is the right product portfolio for entering a new market?

Yagora Account and Channel Management Steigerung Distribution Icons

Increasing distribution

How can I systematically and sustainably increase distribution?

Yagora Account and Channel Management E Commerce Icons


How relevant is the digital sales channel for my category?

Yagora Account and Channel Management Steigerung Effektivitaet Icons

Increasing sales

How can I increase the effectiveness of my sales?


"Thanks to Yagora and their sytematic market entry approach we reached 80% weighted distribution at the top 3 German key accounts in grocery retailer within the first year of our market entry."

Sebastian Klotz

Country Manager Retail Germany

Mutti S.P.A.

"Yagora helped us gain extensive knowledge about and valuable insights into beverage shoppers in the e-commerce channel. On the basis of the results, we worked with Yagora to develop well-founded recommendations for action, which have enabled us to distinguish ourselves as an expert contact for online beverage retailers."


Melanie Böksen-Berneburg

Leiterin Insights Consulting

Radeberger Gruppe KG