Research methods

Online Shopper & E-Commerce Research

Detailed insights into the behaviour of online shoppers


Online food retail has been on the move for years and is becoming increasingly important.


In recent years, the online food retail channel has grown much faster than its bricks-and-mortar equivalent.

However, we still don’t know much about online food shoppers. Many manufacturers and retailers lack detailed knowledge about online shopping behaviour and have no detailed knowledge especially when it comes to individual categories or shopper segments. Many studies deal with online food shopping in general but hardly ever examine specific product groups.

Yagora uses online shopper research methods to generate detailed shopper insights at the digital POS, collecting information about the behaviour, attitudes and motivations of online shoppers in various accounts. A distinction can be made between both individual shopper groups and individual categories.

Your added value through our online shopper research


We provide you with the knowledge you need to take the appropriate shopper marketing and sales measures.

Online Shopper Mehrwerte Kompetenter Ansprechpartner

Positioning as an expert e-commerce contact for online and omnichannel retailers.

Online Shopper Mehrwerte Fundiertes Wissen

In-depth knowledge of online shoppers in order to appeal to shoppers based on their needs and situation.

Online Shopper Mehrwerte Omnichannel Marketing Konzept

Optimisation of your omnichannel marketing concept.

Online Shopper Mehrwerte Wissensvorsprung

Building up a competitive edge over online retailers and competitors.


Services and questions in the field of e-commerce

Baseline studies


 Who shops online and what is their shopper journey like?

  • Category-specific insights into the entire shopper journey
  • Comparison to in-store shoppers

Scraping and Tracking


Who is selling my brand online and at what price?

  • Who is selling your brand online? (platform scraping)
  • Are retailers using the right images? (picture comparison)
  • What is the listing, price and promotion status on certain e-commerce key accounts? (eKA scraping)

Online Shopper & E-Commerce Projekte


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