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Customer loyalty card data analysis

Customer loyalty cards provide in-depth knowledge about your shoppers 


“Who is buying?” and “How are they buying?”


Successful loyalty card systems provide an excellent database for the detailed analysis of shopper behaviour. A high level of implementation of these systems provides a basis of thousands of buyer households, enabling extensive analysis of buyer dynamics.

Loyalty card data is therefore ideal for analysing the chances of success of your marketing and sales measures and then optimising them if necessary.

In contrast to scanner data, the analysis of loyalty cards operates in a "closed system" in which the buyer base remains constant over a defined analysis period and regular buyers can be watched. As a result, changes in purchasing behaviour become transparent more quickly.

Your added value thanks to our data science solutions


We provide you with the knowledge you need to take the appropriate shopper marketing and sales measures.

Yagora Kundenkartendaten Mehrwerte Veraenderung Kaufverhalten

Changes in purchasing behaviour become visible more quickly in a closed group of regular buyers.

Yagora Kundenkartendaten Mehrwerte Detaillierte Insights

Detailed insights into areas such as brand switching, shopper loyalty, proportion of new buyers, etc.

Yagora Kundenkartendaten Mehrwerte Markterfolg

Repeat purchase rate for assessing the medium to long-term market success of new products.

Yagora Kundenkartendaten Mehrwerte Wer ist der Shopper

Answering the question "Who is the shopper?" through buyer profile information.


Relevant questions

Loyalty card data is an ideal addition to the analysis of scanner data, enabling a much more detailed evaluation of products and marketing measures. In this way, informative insights can be generated and answers to relevant questions regarding purchasing behaviour can be given:

  • Who is buying my product?
  • Will my new product generate a loyal customer base or will it fail to progress beyond trial purchases?
  • Where do the buyers of my product come from (source of business)?
  • How is the reach and repeat purchase rate of my products developing compared to my competitors?
  • What else do buyers of my product buy?
  • What effect does a change in pack size have on purchasing frequency?
  • How do my buyers' profiles compare to other brands in the category?
  • To what extent is it possible to attract buyers to my brand through an advertising campaign?



Further questions

Customer loyalty card data enables the measurement of many meaningful KPIs:

Yagora Anzahl Kaeufer

Numbers of buyers

Yagora Kaeuferreichweite

Buyer reach

Yagora Wiederkaufsrate

Repeat purchase rate

Yagora Umsatz pro Einkauf

Sales per shopping trip

Yagora Anzahl der Einkaeufe

Number of shopping trips

Yagora Einkaufsfrequenz

Frequency of shopping trips

Yagora Kaeuferprofile

Buyer profile

Yagora Umsatz pro Kaeufer

Sales per buyer


Access to a variety of loyalty card programmes


We have been analysing data from retail loyalty cards since 2004. As part of our market testing, we have international access to loyalty card data from several million buyer households e.g. in Germany we have access to Payback card data at REWE, “Die GuteKarte” data from tegut .. and “Deutschlandcard” data from EDEKA.

Incidentally, Yagora is the first service provider to obtain access to and analyse REWE Payback data as part of market testing. So for a test in just 10 REWE stores, for example, we have access to purchasing behaviour data from approx. 25,000 households that regularly shop there.


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Customer Loyalty card data projects


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