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What our customers say about us (extract)

"For more than 20 years, Yagora has been our partner in test market research and is responsible for the analysis of customer card data. Yagora offers the highest quality in implementation as well as in the subsequent analysis. On the basis of valuable shopper data, we can make well-founded decisions that have a lasting positive effect on our business."

Volkmar Schwenk
FERRERO Deutschland

"Yagora has built a hands-on and easy-to-implement Strategic Shopper Research Framework which helps us to streamline our international Category Management activities, increase the process efficiency and encourage knowledge sharing.
Thanks to Yagora’s profound experience with global accounts and their success cases on how to transfer insights into action, we received a great feedback from the local Category Managers of the different countries. Looking forward to our next projects."

Caroline Kopp
International Category Management Developer
Eckes-Granini Group GmbH

"Yagora is the perfect partner for us as we get all the services we need from a single source. They provide us with a customised full-service package. Their analytical excellence is paired with clear recommendations for action, all of which is individually tailored to our needs. Yagora delivers high quality fieldwork in order to produce reliable and valid results."

Torsten Danker
Senior Manager Insights & Analytics Snacks/Breakfast
Kellogg Northern Europe incl. CEE

"As part of our category management project, Yagora provided us with well-founded category and brand insights using a combined approach of qualitative and quantitative research. Thanks to the collaboration, we were able to develop new concepts for the “barbecue” meta-category and thus leverage the potential of the Weber brand in food retail in the long-term.

For us, Yagora is a top partner with a high level of methodological expertise and a unique mix of experts from the fields of industry and methodology."

Jan Roman Redeker
Head of licensing Business EMEA
Weber-Stephen Products (EMEA) GmbH

"As part of our shopper study on online beverage shopping, Yagora provided us with valuable insights into the mechanisms of action when buying drinks online. Using the results obtained, Yagora provided us with tailored, implementation-oriented recommendations for actions.

Thanks to the Yagora team and we look forward to further projects!"

Melanie Böksen-Berneburg
Leiterin Insights Consulting
Radeberger Gruppe KG

"We have enjoyed a valuable working relationship with Yagora for several years in the field of shopper marketing and category management projects.
For us, Yagora’s USP lies in the combination of its focus on implementation and its use of fact-based working methods. It’s important for us to have a partner that knows the POS and understands how to successfully implement the shopper insights gained."


Robin Betz
Senior Category Manager EMEA
LSI (Netherlands B.V.)

"Yagora has been successfully supporting us in our expansion in the German food retail market since 2017.
In particular, Yagora’s excellent retail relationships and its proximity to the POS and shoppers have led to a successful collaboration, giving us a distribution rate of 80% in the 3 top key accounts within just one year and a four-fold sales increase within 2 years."


Sebastian Klotz
Country Manager Retail Germany
Mutti S.P.A.

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In more than 20 years we have carried out over 700 projects in various product categories and using a wide variety of methods and have been working in partnership with leading retail companies in Germany ever since.


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