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Brand, Product & Packaging

Identify the potential of your brand and product portfolio


Based on data and insights, we optimise your brand and product portfolio as well as packaging. We always focus on long-term success at the POS.


Starting from when the purchasing decision is made, we always take retailers’ perspectives into account in our analysis addition to the views of manufacturers and shoppers.

We develop, measure and optimise for our industry and retail customers, for example, in the following areas:

Yagora Product Brand packaging Themen Verpackungstest

Packaging tests

Yagora Product Brand packaging Themen Produktportfolio

Product portfolio optimisation

Yagora Product Brand packaging Themen Markendehnungsanalyse

Brand stretching analysis

Yagora Product Brand packaging Themen Handelsakzeptanz

Retail acceptance tests

Yagora Product Brand packaging Themen Markenfit

Brand "fit" analysis


Typical questions from customers that we answer:

Yagora Product Brand Packaging Packungsveraenderung Icons

Changing packaging

How does a change in the packaging affect shopper orientation?

Yagora Product Brand Packaging Markenbotschaft Icons

Brand messaging

What brand message does the changed packaging convey?

Yagora Product Brand Packaging Absatzveraenderung Icons

Effect on sales

What effect does the change in packaging have on the sales of my product?

Yagora Product Brand Packaging Information ChunksIcons

Information chunks

What are the essential information chunks on my packaging?

Yagora Product Brand Packaging Warengruppe gedehnt Icons

Alternative product groups

How much can my brand be expanded into another product group?

Yagora Product Brand Packaging glaubwuerdig launchen Icons

Produkt launch

In which food categories can I credibly launch products with my non-food brand?


"Yagora’s realistic shopper research tools and the tests they carry out in real stores have helped us to implement significant improvements in the packaging design of the Toppits brand."


Oliver Strelecki

Chief Executive Officer

Cofresco Frischhalteprodukte GmbH & Co. KG

"With the help of Yagora and their systematic market entry approach we defined the optimal brand positioning, pricing, packaging and product-portfolio for the market entry in Germany, France and the USA."

Luca Piccini

Director of International Business

Kimbo S.p.A.