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Shopper Marketing & Activation

Attract shoppers to your brand


By building on shopper and consumer insights, we work with you to develop targeted, group-specific shopper marketing measures to trigger additional purchases at the POS. In line with Yagora’s fundamental principle, in addition to looking at things from the shopper’s perspective, we always take the goals of manufacturers and retailers into account.

In order to identify the right shopper marketing measures, we use a broad portfolio of methods from the areas of analytics, research and data science. So you know exactly what works for shoppers and why.

We develop, measure and optimise for our industry and retail customers, for example, in the following areas:

Yagora Shopper Marketing And Activations Touchpoints Icon

Shopper touchpoints

Yagora Shopper Marketing and Activation Zweitplatzierung Icon

Secondary placements

Yagora Shopper Marketing and Activation Promotion Icon

Promotional mechanisms

Yagora Shopper Marketing and Activation Anlassbezogene Promotions Icons

Event-related promotions

Yagora Shopper Marketing and Activation Themen Saisonale Promotions Icons

Seasonal promotions

Yagora Shopper Marketing and Activation Targeted Promotions Icons

Targeted promotions

Yagora Shopper Marketing and Activation Sales Unterlagen Icons

Sales und retail marketing documents

Yagora Shopper Marketing and Activation Fachanzeigen Icons

Trade advertising & congresses


Typical questions from customers that we answer:

Yagora Shopper Touchpoints Icon

Shopper Touchpoints

Which shopper touchpoints can I use to increase my brand’s reach?

Yagora Promotion Icon

Effectivesness of promotions

What levers can I use to increase the effectiveness of my promotions?

Yagora Mehrere Shopper Icon

Customer loyalty

Which promotions generate customer loyalty and which only result in short-term impulse buys?

Yagora Category Management Icon

Event-related activation

How can I increase my sales with event-related marketing?



"Thanks to Yagora’s help, we were able to use data to analyse the effect of displays with different communicative messages and promotional mechanisms. Through the sales uplifts, we can now precisely calculate the ROI of displays and secondary placements. We've based our promotional strategy to a large extent on these valuable findings."

Torsten Danker

Senior Manager Insights & Planning Germany & Austria

Kellogg (Germany) GmbH