Systematic market entry into the German retail



  • Mutti is the leading quality brand for tomato products in Italy and is striving to reach this position in the German market too
  • At this time, however, the company’s share of the German market is just 1.4-2.5%, as the category is characterised by strong competition and established brands
  • In addition to various shopper research methods, real-life store tests should be used to determine sales potential in various store channels, and arguments for retailer negotiations should be worked out. The store tests should be accompanied by an analysis of Payback customer loyalty cards to provide information about the category’s shopper segments

Questions (extract)

  • Which Mutti products offer the greatest potential for the German retail market?
  • What is the optimal shelf positioning and price?
  • How do displays affect product sales?
  • How should the products’ packaging design be adapted to meet the needs of German shoppers?
  • What is the growth potential of the entire category in the German market?


Step 1: Creation of a brand success story through

  • Real-life store tests at real and REWE (4 months in 2x8 REWE stores and 2x6 real stores)
  • Analysis of Payback customer loyalty cards for real
    • Basis of analysis: approx. 3,000,000 regular buyers in approx. 300 stores across Germany

Step 2: Creation of a sell-in story for retailer/listing meetings

Step 3: Use of the sell-in story to build up a distribution network with various retailers


Results (extract)


  • Within one year, 80% weighted distribution was achieved in the top 3 key accounts in Germany (REWE, EDEKA, real)
  • +58% sales growth in the first year and +61% in the second year
  • > 5% market share in the category in Germany (without hard discounts)
  • Optimised packaging, trays, displays and in-store communication for the German market

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