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Shopper Research

Through shopper research, we deepen your understanding of your shoppers


Why do shoppers buy - or decide not to buy?


Purchase decisions at the POS are largely determined by unconscious behaviour. They depend on sensations and emotions, but also the current situation and the context in which shoppers find themselves.

As recognised experts in shopper research, we take the questions you want answered and use them to select the right mix of methods and to adopt the shopper's perspective. This enables us to understand the shopper’s behaviour, motives and attitudes as well as the entire purchasing decision process.

We provide valuable shopper insights along the entire shopper journey, revealing the "reason why" for sales and turnover developments, uncovering possible purchase barriers and reliably forecasting the success of new products and measures. In addition, we use the methods applied to answer tailored research questions about shopper marketing and sales. In order to do this, we conduct research at the in-store POS, at the digital POS and in the studio.

Thanks to our close, long-term partnerships with retailers, we can guarantee the prompt, straightforward implementation of your shopper research project. The shopper insights gained and the recommendations for action we derive from them can be validated in real-life store tests in real stores, without influencing the test subjects.

Your added value through our shopper research solutions


We provide you with the knowledge you need to take the appropriate shopper marketing and sales measures.

Yagora Shopper Research Effektive Erkenntnisse

Effective knowledge about shopper behaviour at the in-store POS and the digital POS.

Yagora Shopper Research Wissen

In-depth knowledge of shoppers and consumers as the basis for your marketing and sales measures.

Yagora Shopper Research Wettbewerbsvorteil

A competitive advantage thanks to in-depth knowledge about shoppers.

Yagora Shopper Research Hintergrundinformationen

Information about the background to the purchase decisions.


Recognised expertise in implicit and explicit measurement methods


We use the entire spectrum of shopper research methods and recommend the best combination of methods for research at the POS, in the studio or in the laboratory, depending on questions you want to answer. We use the entire spectrum of shopper research methods and recommend the best combination of methods for research at the POS, in the studio or in the laboratory, depending on questions you want answered. 


Some of the measurement methods we use for this include:

  • Implicit association test
  • Cognitive mapping
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Max-Diff analysis

We conduct research in the studio, at the POS or online, and offer an extensive portfolio of shopper research methods.



  • Focus groups
  • In-depth interviews
  • Sensory tests


  • POS interviews
  • Shop-alongs
  • Eye Tracking
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Expert interviews


  • Online surveys
  • Shop-alongs
  • Focus groups
  • Communities

Shopper research projects


Find out more about the shopper research projects we have implemented.



Case Studies

FAQ: Questions about Shopper Research Projects


  • How does Yagora differ from other providers?

    Yagora differs primarily in terms of its proximity to the shopper and the POS. Even with qualitative research methods such as B. Focus groups or quantitative online surveys, we use special techniques to get as close as possible to the uninfluenced shopping behavior at the POS.
  • How long does a shopper research project usually take?

    The duration depends on various factors. As part of Agile Shopper Insights, a project can be carried out within a few days, while other shopper research projects are completed within a few weeks. Larger studies can run over a period of several months.



  • When should quantitative, when qualitative and when agile methods be used? And how many persons are usually interviewed?

    Which methods or which mix of methods is used depends on the respective question of our customers. Depending on your needs, we individually combine the right research locations as well as the necessary measurement methods in order to generate relevant shopper insights. The number of test subjects also depends on the question, timing, applied methodology and budget and is determined individually for each project.
  • Does Yagora work with several partners in complex projects or does Yagora deliver everything from a single source?

    Yagora stands for full service from a single source! As a result, customers generally have only one contact person during a project, so that all information and the entire project management are in one hand.


  • Can Yagora conduct surveys in any category?

    Yagora has already generated shopper insights in very different categories, such as sweets, snacks, dairy products, convenience, beverages and also in the non-food area. Due to our broad methodological competence, we can fall back on different online and offline channels in order to cover a wide variety of categories.


  • Does Yagora carry out projects abroad?

    Yagora regularly implements shopper research projects abroad. For example, in 2020 we carried out online focus groups and surveys in other European countries, the USA and in Russia. But also projects with other method focuses, such as surveys at the POS are possible abroad.