Baseline study of online beverage buyers



  • A beer manufacturer has recognised that shopper orientation is a core competence for successfully developing the e-commerce market
  • Through a shopper study, the manufacturer wants to gain extensive knowledge about online beverage shoppers and their behaviour in order to force this shopper orientation and further strengthen the manufacturer's position as an expert partner for online retail

Questions (extract)

  • Which types of shoppers buy drinks online?
  • What significance does shopping for drinks online have for the shopper?
  • Why do shoppers order online (triggers) and in what quantities?
  • How do shoppers find out about deals?
  • Which devices (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet) do shoppers use to buy online?
  • What are the expectations of/demands on online stores?
  • How does the buying process differ for online and in-store beverage shoppers?


  • Online shop-alongs (n = 30) and subsequent video analysis
  • Online surveys (n = 2,000)
  • Coverage of 6 product categories, dividing 550,000 shoppers into 6 shopper segments

Results (extract)


  • Online beverage buyers usually buy both beer and non-alcoholic beverages; the majority of online purchases are planned
  • Purchases are mostly made from home and from a laptop and the process usually takes <10 minutes
  • Loyalty to online stores is based primarily on good experiences; when changing stores, delivery costs are of particular importance
  • The main advantages of online shopping are time savings, not having to carry purchases, and a wider product range
  • The brand provides the orientational anchor in the category, and the majority of shoppers plan which brand to buy when purchasing drinks online

You can find more information about the project in the project video.




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