Customer benefits


We provide added value


You can take full advantage of the added value provided by our comprehensive solutions for your marketing and sales decisions.

Yagora Mehr Umsatz

Increased turnover, sales and market share

Yagora Budgetoptimierter Marketing Mix

Budget optimisation of the shopper marketing mix

Yagora Schnellere Listung

Fast listing and efficient distribution structure

Yagora Vermeidung von Flops

Avoidance of costly product and promotional flops

Yagora Identifikation von Potentialen

Identification of potential ways to optimise the shopper marketing mix

Yagora Stichhaltige Argumente

Strong arguments for successfully implementing measures with retail partners

Yagora Steigerung Kategorieumsaetze

Sustainable increase in category sales during the course of category management projects

Yagora Zuverlaessige Prognosen Nutzen

Reliable forecasts on the success of new products and line extensions