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Thanks to our many years of multi-faceted expertise and extensive portfolio of working methods, we provide you with the necessary insights to answer your individual questions in the fields of shopper marketing, sales, category management and marketing.


Yagora Stammplatzierung

Product placement

  • Where is the ideal shelf placement for my product?
  • What influence does positioning a brand as cornerstone brand have on sales?
  • Which placement within a store sells the most (e. g. shelf vs. chiller cabinet)? 

Yagora Promotion


  • Which promotional mechanisms generate the most new buyers?
  • To what extent is it possible to attract buyers to my brand through an advertising campaign?
  • What did the buyers of my promotional goods buy in the period before the promotion?

Yagora Neuprodukt

New products / line extension

  • What sales/turnover potential does my new product have?
  • Will my new product succeed in building a loyal customer base or will it fail to progress beyond trial purchases?
  • Can I attract new buyers to my brand with a line extension?

Yagora POS Werbemittel


  • What type of in-store advertising is best for activating buyers?
  • How are my promotional materials perceived?
  • Which promotional materials work best?

Yagora Zweitplatzierung

Secondary placement

  • What is the best location for my secondary placement?
  • What is the best location for my secondary placement?
  • What potential does a third placement have during price promotion weeks?

Yagora Preis


  • What effect does a change in price have on purchasing behaviour?
  • Which products have a high or lower shopper relevance for the price reality?
  • What is the price development of my products compared to my competitors?

Yagora Verpackung


  • How well do different packaging designs communicate at the POS?
  • What effect does a change in pack size have on purchasing frequency?
  • How does a change in packaging affect shopper orientation?

Yagora Shopper Touchpoints

Shopper Touchpoints

  • What is the best combination of touchpoints on the market?
  • Do push feed systems increase sales?

Yagora Category Management

Category Management

  • What category growth am I achieving in category management projects?
  • How much time do shoppers spend at the shelf in a specific category?
  • How does the purchasing decision process work in a specific category?

Yagora Weitere Fragestellungen

Other topics

  • Which competitors are planning to launch new products in trend segments?
  • Which shopper segments buy my product compared to competitor products?
  • How high will demand be for my seasonal product in the year ahead?