Customer Scoring: Increase sales effectiveness with artificial intelligence



A manufacturer wants to optimize the effectiveness of his distribution (distributor and own sales force) in the B2B (HoReCa) business and improve the acquisition of customers


Research questions (extract)

  • Which characteristics influence the probability of becoming a customer?
  • Which attributes influence the potential customer value?
  • Where are the potential customers geographically located?


Customer Scoring

  • Comparison of user-generated and web-based information with internal customer sales data
  • Data size: 651.940 data rows
  • Analytical forecast: Who is a potential customer for my segment? Who is potentially a good / valuable customer for me?



  • Intuitive map with locations of potential customers and their customer value
  • Explanation of the influencing factors and their significance on the probability of becoming a customer or good customer
  • Self-learning tool for a continuous increase of sales effectiveness

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