Optimal Placement of a new Product



For a new product range of a customer two different shelf placements are applicable. In a Real Life Storetest with scanner and loyalty card analysis, both shelf alternatives are to be compared.

Additional shopper research methods should provide further insights into the evaluation of the test products from the shopper's perspective.


Research Questions

  • In which shelf alternative do the new products perform best?
  • What influence do secondary placements have on the performance of the test products?
  • Do the test products cannibalize the standard products of the brand?
  • How are the test products evaluated by shoppers in POS surveys and tastings?


Real Life Storetest incl. Scanner Data Analysis

  • Approximately 1 year test period in a total of 45 REWE stores (including control stores)
  • Over 80 monitored and analyzed articles
  • Several placement phases of the test articles

Loyalty Card Analysis

  • Basic KPI analysis (penetration, repurchase rate, number of shoppers and purchases, turnover per purchase, …)
  • Lifestage segmentation
  • Pre/Parallel purchase analysis
  • Shopper interference analysis

Shopper Research Methods

  • 3 waves of POS surveys
  • Tasting of test articles at POS



Real Life Storetest incl. Scanner Data Analysis

  • Test product 1 performs best in both shelf alternatives, followed by test product 2
  • Test products 3, 4 and 5 generally perform equally well on both shelves
  • All 5 test products are ranked in the top 20 of the examined reference articles
  • The uplift of total brand sales in shelf A was over 100%, while an uplift of over 50% was achieved in shelf BIn test group 2 there was a slight cannibalization of the brand's standard products

Loyalty Card Analysis

  • Higher reach and repurchase rate for the test products on shelf A
  • Test product 4 has the highest percentage of older shoppers while test products 1 and 3 tend to be bought by younger shoppers
  • In the shopper structure there were no differences between the shelf alternatives

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