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Agile Shopper Insights

Agile shopper insights answer your shopper-based marketing questions within 24 hours


A rapid, valid decision-making basis for your business!


When it comes to the steadily growing challenges in the innovation process and designing the optimal shopper marketing mix, agile shopper insights are the answer.

Through agile shopper insights, we offer a rapid, cost-effective service which provides you with important decision-making bases to enable you to respond to your sales and marketing challenges.

The quality and validity of our insights are guaranteed through our use of implicit measurement methods, panel-based surveys of genuine category shoppers, and an automated process.

Your added value through agile shopper insights


We provide you with the knowledge you need to take the appropriate shopper marketing and sales measures.


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Our automated processes provide you with valid results within a few hours

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Behind our agile shopper insights lies a global panel with more than 21 million participants

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Agile shopper insights are designed to be seamlessly integrated into the development and decision-making process

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By using implicit measurement methods, we get as close as possible to genuine purchasing behaviour


Yagora offers both qualitative and quantitative agile shopper insights


Agile Quant Platform


Online shopper survey and automated overnight evaluation.

  • Media integration
  • Automated
  • Implicit measurement methods

Agile Qual Communities


Qualitative online communities to discuss concepts with shoppers and iterate them rapidly.

  • Media integration
  • Real-time
  • Option of 1-to-1 meetings

Extract of relevant questions


With the help of agile shopper insights, we generate informative insights and provide answers to relevant questions:


  • What are the shopping missions and occasions within the category?


  • What is the most important information on the packaging from the shoppers’ point of view?


  • Which packaging variant do shoppers prefer?
  • How likely are the various product options to be bought?


  • Which shelf layout implicitly offers better shopper orientation?


  • Which pricing is the best in terms of reach and sales?

We use and combine the latest implicit and explicit research methods


Example extract from our portfolio of methods:


  • Implicit Association Test
  • MaxDiff analysis
  • Substitution-in-use
  • Choice-based conjoint
  • Tachistoscopes

By combining three factors, we come very close to genuine purchase decisions at the POS


In the food retail sector in particular, purchasing decisions are for the most part made quicklyand out of habit and sometimes very impulsively. In order to reproduce these decision-making processes as precisely as possible, we combine three essential factors in all of our agile shopper insight modules:

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Competitor comparison

We always measure against the competition, because shoppers compare products from different manufacturers on the shelf.

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Implicit measurement methods

We combine explicit questions with implicit measurement methods because shoppers are often unable to verbalise what they are thinking and feeling.

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Time limits

We put time limits on our measurements because shoppers don’t look at packaging for a long time, thinking about what they like and what they don’t, especially on the shelf.


Agile shopper insights projects


Find out more about the agile shopper insight projects we have implemented.



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