Using shopper insights to expand in the discount segment



When dealing with the delicatessen and sausage categories, there are various challenges and ambiguities on the retail side.

A manufacturer that is strongly represented in both categories in the discount segment would like to be able to present well-founded results in upcoming retailer negotiations in order to create a basis for profiling as a category partner.

Two separate studies aim to uncover shoppers’ understanding of the categories, the category structure and shopper behaviour in both categories. The purchase decision process and the main criteria behind the process are particularly important


Questions (extract)

  • How are the categories defined?
  • Into which sub-categories can the products be divided?
  • Which (functional/emotional) needs do shoppers meet in these categories?
  • What is the shopping mission for purchases in this category?
  • How do shoppers orient themselves at the POS?
  • What are the key criteria in the consumer decision tree?


Modular full-scope concept consisting of quantitative and qualitative shopper research as well as expert observations for both categories.

  • Focus groups (n = 2 x 2 groups)
  • Shopper experience mystery checks (n = 2 x 170 stores)
  • Expert POS observations (n = 2 x 100 observations)
  • Online study (n = 2 x 1,400 shoppers)

Results (extract)


  • The results of both studies were put together in presentations for the annual negotiations with retailers
  • In addition to clear category definitions based on insights into shoppers, different sub-categories were identified
  • The benefit of the category (functional/emotional) was highlighted, as well as the role of manufacturer brands, shopper behaviour at the POS and the shopping mission
  • The full-scope concept enabled the entire purchase decision process to be represented in a customer decision tree

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