Smaller package size



A manufacturer wants to test a smaller packaging size for one of his products in order to differentiate the product more clearly from other products of the brand.


Research questions

  • How does the smaller packaging perform compared to the current package size?
  • Does the smaller package cannibalize other products of the same brand?


Real Life Storetest incl. Scanner Data Analysis

  • 7 weeks test period in a control and a test group at REWE
  • Over 45 collected and analyzed articles (test + reference articles)

Loyalty Card Analysis

  • Basic KPI analysis (penetration, repurchase rate, number of shoppers and purchases, turnover per purchase, …)
  • Performance matrix
  • Lifestage segmentation
  • Prepurchase analysis
  • Shopper interference analysis



Real Life Storetest incl. Scanner Data Analysis

  • Both package sizes achieve the same sales in their respective store groups
  • In the sales ranking of reference articles, the small package is ranked 10th in the test group, while the current package is ranked 12th in the control group
  • No cannibalization effects could be observed for the brand

Loyalty Card Analysis

  • The smaller package size can activate new shoppers and repeat purchases for the brand
  • The smaller package is bought more often by medium old households than the current package
  • The smaller package is bought more often exclusively than the current package

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