Optimization of a packaging relaunch using Shopper Insights



  • A manufacturer in the category “Household Articles” has relaunched the packaging design for its entire brand.
  • Although the new packaging design has tested well in consumer studies, sales of individual items have fallen by up to 30% as a result of the packaging relaunch.

Questions (extract)

  •  Which insights can be found in a shopper study with "old" vs. "New" packaging design?


  • What are the buying barriers concerning the new design from the shopper's point of view?


  • Which weaknesses in the packaging and optimization approaches can be found from the shopper's point ?


  • What detailed effects does the packaging relaunch have on the sale of products in different retail channels?




  • Shopper research consisting of shopping observations (n> 500) and shopper surveys at the PoS (n> 350)
  • Scanner data analysis at 10 REWE and 10 HIT stores 
    • REWE survey period: 52 weeks
    • HIT survey period: 78 weeks

Results (extract)


  • The analysis of shopping behavior shows that the buying process for the new packaging takes significantly longer because important orientation features are missing.
  • The new packaging generates too little attention (visibility) on the shelf.
  • Purchases are abandoned more often because the desired or known product is not found.
  • Specific recommendations for action for a shopper-focused optimization of the new packaging design were developed and successfully implemented.

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