Meat Snacking 2020: From insights to roll-out in 2000 stores



  • The snack segment in Germany is growing, but its potential is not being recognised everywhere. In particular, the visibility of the in-store category leaves room for improvement
  • Through its brands BiFi and Jack Link‘s, LSI has set itself the goal of making the meat snack category more attractive

Questions (extract)

  • Who are the shoppers in the meat snack category?
  • What does the shopper journey look like in this category?
  • Where do shoppers expect to find meat snacks in the store, and how should the category be structured?
  • What is the ideal layout for the category, and what particular role is played by the brands BiFi and Jack Link‘s?
  • What is the ideal location for meat snack displays?


5-stage shopper study consisting of:

  • Analysis of 2,500 POS photos to identify inconsistent product presentations
  • Focus groups & shop-alongs to find out what shoppers expect from the category
  • Online survey of >1,600 meat snack shoppers
  • Optimisation of the category’s visibility
  • Testing of the new shelf layout for 3 months in 6 REWE and 6 EDEKA test stores

Results (extract)


  • At EDEKA, a net change of +17.9% was achieved for the entire meat snack category. The BiFi and Jack Link's brands achieved a net change of approx. +34% each
  • The study gained well-founded insights into secondary placement locations for the meat snack category (highest uplift in the fruit/vegetable section, with salty snacks, in the checkout area and in the baking department)
  • The study’s findings were summarised in the "Orange Rules", which have been used to optimise around 2,000 stores to date

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