Launch-Strategy-Optimiser with loyalty card analysis



  • A manufacturer of snack items would like to use the national launch of a new product to test and evaluate various launch strategies. The insights gained are to be transferred to future product launches
  • In addition to different launch strategies (e.g. progressive and aggressive launches), different product prices should be tested
  • The launch will be accompanied by an extensive analysis of customer loyalty cards in order to gain in-depth insights

Questions (extract)

  • Which launch scenario works best?
  • Can a progressive launch reach the level of an aggressive launch despite later placement phases?
  • How does an additional POS item perform in the test scenario?
  • What effect do different test product prices have?


  • Real-life store test with 3 groups including analysis of scanner data (test period > 1.5 years)
  • Customer loyalty card analysis for deeper insights (e.g. shopper structures, segments & demographics, pre-purchase analysis, penetration, repeat purchase rate, number of purchase events)



  • The aggressive launch showed negative sales development in the 2nd year of the launch, while strong sales increases can be seen in the progressive launch
  • The sales uplift from secondary placements is significantly higher at the start of the launch than at later times
  • Analysis of customer loyalty cards reveals that the product’s repeat purchase rate is highest in test group 2. However, the longer the period under consideration, the smaller the increase in the repeat purchase rate
  • In the first year of the launch, shoppers in test group 1 were slightly younger than in test group 2, while slightly more premium shoppers were reached in test group 2. In the second year of the launch, the shopper demographics and segments were more closely assimilated.

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