Agile Potential Test



  • Establishment of new products in food retailing
  • Better assessment of the potential of branded products in food retail in-store bakeries
  • Very fast generation of insights required - yet valid case numbers requested

Research Questions

  • Who is the in-store bakery shopper in the food retailing store?
  • When and for which point in time do shoppers buy the products?
  • Which products are bought there most frequently?
  • Which brand products from the in-store bakery does the shopper know?
  • What is the acceptance of baking products that are also offered as bake-off / defrost products?


  • Online survey of  > 350 category shopper and automated analysis overnight 
  • In addition interpretation by an experienced consultant
  • Valid results within 24 hours



  • Great potential as another touchpoint for the brand
  • Offer single products to serve spontaneous snack missions
  • Presentation of the brands required
  • Potential for product variants

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