Agile virtual packaging test



  • A manufacturer has developed various new packaging designs for its products because the current packaging does not achieve sufficient visibility in a competitive comparison.
  • The new designs should be tested against the current ones.
  • The design with the best shelf visibility should be determined.
  • Due to time pressure, the fastest possible shopper insights are required.


  • Which packaging design does the shopper prefer?

  • Which design is found the fastest on the virtual shelf?

  • Which aspects of the packaging attract particularly high attention and which ones does the shopper like the most?


  • Who is the shopper in the relevant category?

  • How often and where does the shopper buy in the category?

  • What brands and products are recognized in the category?



  • Agile online survey with more than 1.400 category shoppers
  • Implementation of a virtual product and shelf test with a tachistoscope approach



  • Based on the surveys, it was possible to find out how the current and the new packaging perform in terms of shelf perception, individual evaluation and in comparison to the competition.


  • By creating heat maps, it was possible to identify the aspects on each package that first caught the respondent's attention.


  • Quick wins and concrete recommendations for action could be delivered.


  • Delivery of the results report within 24 hours.


  • The winning design was successfully launched.

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