More added value through profit-optimized pricing

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Optimization of Price & Promotion Price Management


A good permanent management of the price- as a marketing mix factor with the most direct and strongest influence on sales, turnover and added value- is actually considered to be "natural".


Nevertheless, many of our studies for retailers and producers still show great potential for added value in the optimization of normal and special prices and, of course, in the shopper-oriented design of the entire product-price portfolio.



The price competition between full range and discount will probably continue to increase in the future. Therefore, this potential must be increased even more.

In order to support our customers in optimizing their price management, we identify the most profitable shelf and promotional price using various research methods. In particular, we examine how shoppers behave with different (promotion) prices and generate valid insights about the effects of price changes. The identification and strategic optimization of the product price portfolio in different sales channels can also be implemented in this way.

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