Online-Event: GS1 meets Yagora

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Online-Event: GS1 meets Yagora


Shopper activation: new impulses from practice


The shopper has a wealth of choices inside the store. This is growing continuously with new brands and products. New nutrition trends, which are often brought into the retail by innovative startups, also contribute to this. Last but not least, a number of price and promotion campaigns influence shoppers' purchasing decisions. The areas of tension between discount and full-range store, retail and producer as well as start-up and concern are growing.


It is even more important for producer and retailers to optimize their activation potential at the POS in order to generate new impulses in the long term. Because the shopper expects an inspiring shopping experience and wants to be inspired by brands and the POS.

What to expect


Together with GS1 Germany, we look forward to show you concrete practical examples regarding shopper activation. Experience diverse presentations by shoppers and brand experts from the food industry and discuss new ideas at the POS with us.


Target group

  • Category Manager
  • Shopper Marketing Manager
  • (Trade) Marketing Manager
  • Purchasing
  • Sales




Look forward to co-lectures in German with these companies

  • Aldi Nord
  • Ferrero
  • Green Mountain
  • Kelloggs
  • REWE Hungen


Free registration

Celina Gedrat / Marketing Managerin

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