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Yagora expands its shopper analytics team


Welcome on bord Fabian!


Yagora further expanded the shopper analytics area on March 1, 2020 by welcoming back Fabian Kampka, an "old friend". Kampa worked as an intern at Yagora in 2017 after successfully completing a degree in economics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt - one of our partner universities.

After his internship, Fabian gained additional experience in the field of entrepreneurship and management consulting by taking part in a foreign project in Indonesia, as well as successfully completing an MBA with a focus on marketing and business psychology at the University of Cologne.

“When choosing an employer, the deciding factor for me was the mixture of scientific methodology and the generation of retail and industry insights which result in action, as practiced at Yagora. At Yagora I can combine my academic background in consumer and advertising psychology with my personal interest in food retail.”

Yagora Neuer Mitarbeiter Fabian Kampka

Celina Gedrat / Marketing Managerin

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