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Virtual cooking at Yagora


Due to the current situation, we unfortunately had to forego a Christmas party together in 2020. Nevertheless, it was important for us to end this extraordinary year together and to thank our employees for their great commitment.


We thought, if there won't be a Christmas dinner together, we will at least virtually cook and eat together! Shortly before Christmas, every employee received a cooking package, including a newly developed Yagora pasta recipe! The cooking package consisted, among other things, of delicious Yagora pasta and peeled tomatoes from Mutti, which our long-term customer kindly provided us with.


So that the Yagora pasta is also cooked during the Christmas season, we have thought of a small incentive and organized a competition. Each employee was allowed to submit up to three photos of the cooking or of the finished dish. Of course, there was also a delicious prize for the four winners!


You can see a selection of cooking and enjoyment impressions from our employees here:

Yagora Kochpaket

Celina Gedrat / Marketing Managerin

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