Well-founded insights through real life store tests

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Test of marketing and sales measures in real markets


Around 70% of the shoppers' purchase decisions are only made at the POS and are subject to a large number of influencing factors.

Therefore, it is even more important to test new products, but also shopper marketing, category management and sales measures in advance. This is done as part of our real life store tests prior to a national roll-out under real and unaffected conditions.

Our real-life store tests are not conducted in a laboratory, but in real stores (e.g. Rewe or Edeka) and with real shoppers. They provide valid insights into the expected sales and the uninfluenced shopping behavior of the shoppers.

GfK is ending its test market research in Haßloch, we continue to offer you the opportunity to conduct research in real markets.



Real Life Storetest im Wachstumsmarkt "Plant Based Meat"


Interview mit Kevin Y. Thoma, Brand Manager The Green Mountain bei Hilcona Taste Factory

At the beginning of the year, we conducted a real life store test for you with 3 products from your brand The Green Mountain.

What was the background of the project and what was the objective of the project?

The Green Mountain is already a big success in Switzerland in the area of meat alternatives and therefore it was the logical next step for us to expand into other markets. Although the category is still quite young and growing strongly, the shelf space is already highly competitive. It was therefore important for us to approach our expansion directly with the right arguments to retailers, which is why we decided on a real store test in Germany.

Project Hilcona The Green Mountain

Why did you choose Yagora as a partner for a real life store test?
As a startup, we are still a small organizational structure and therefore it was important for us to have a partner who takes care of all the details. We found that in Yagora's full-service approach. Yagora has very good trade relations and especially the whole test market acquisition, listing, shelf placement and data sourcing went smoothly as a result.


Can you give us an example of a particularly insightful learning from the project?
Our products are of excellent quality, are produced in Switzerland and are therefore also a little more highly priced than some competitors. The test showed us that our price expectations are accepted by the shopper. We also asked ourselves how our Swiss heritage and communication was received by the customer. We were able to test and evaluate this via various in-store activation measures. And apparently the Germans like Swiss food!


You have had your first listings in Germany since the beginning of November. To what extent have the findings helped you to enter the German market?
The results have helped in many ways. Thanks to the positive test results and the very professional data analysis and preparation, we were in a good position right from the start. We were also able to prove that customers don't just buy once, but then buy again. That helped a lot, because it also gave our retail partners a certain amount of security.

How was the collaboration with Yagora?
​Great! We had the impression that the whole project team had fun with the project and was really enthusiastic. They always thought along with us and brought new impulses into the project and made a lot of things possible!
Thank you Kevin for the interview! We wish you much success with the further expansion in Germany and can only warmly recommend all readers to try products from "The Green Mountain", because they are "zero meat, ächt Schwiiz and ächt lecker".


You can find more information here: www.thegreenmountain.ch



Projekt The Green Mountain Hilcona

Your added value through real-life store tests


We provide you with the knowledge you need to take the appropriate shopper marketing and sales measures.

Yagora Controlled Store Test Mehrwerte fuer den Kunden optimierte Erfolgsstrategien

Realistic success forecasts and optimised success strategies

Yagora Controlled Store Test Mehrwerte fuer den Kunden Ueberzeugende Listungsargumente

Convincing listing arguments for retailer negotiations

Yagora Controlled Store Test Mehrwerte fuer den Kunden Ueberpruefung geplante massnahmen

Review and optimisation of measures in advance of national implementation

Yagora Controlled Store Test Mehrwerte fuer den Kunden Effiziente Budgetplanung

Efficient budget planning


We deliver well-founded Insights


Based on our many years of expertise and our extensive portfolio of methods, we provide you with the relevant insights to answer your individual shopper marketing, sales, category management and marketing questions.

The Store Test is evaluated by our in-house data science, analytics and research team. In addition to scanner data, customer card data and shopper research methods such as POS surveys can also be used.




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